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Fun Ways to Spend Time Together as a Family

Families are busier than ever.  From school and sports to work and appointments, getting the family together to spend quality time together can be challenging.  However, as children grow and mature, time spent together as a family is the most valuable investment you can make in kids’ lives.

Here are some fun ideas and activities to help become closer as a family:

Celebrate Accomplishments
From an A on a spelling test to scoring a goal in the soccer game, getting the family together to celebrate achievements is fun and gives children the unbeatable feeling of a job well done.  This could be as simple as the family stopping for pizza or ice cream on the way home, or giving the family pom-poms or noisemakers to celebrate.

Game Night
Gather the family around the table to play everyone’s favorite games!  Put kids in charge of picking out games for the whole family to enjoy, or encourage kids to use their imaginations to make up their own games.  When time is spent together, everyone is a winner!

Put on a Play
Pick out one of your children’s favorite stories and have everyone dress up as a character – Dad too!  Everyone will have fun dressing in costumes and making the story come to life.  Invite grandma and grandpa over for a special premier show.

Make Gifts for a Relative
Have a birthday or celebration coming up in the family?  Gather the kids and make craft gifts that are truly unique!  Whether it’s a card, a photo frame, a key chain or a hand-drawn picture, kids love making gifts they can share, and the recipient will treasure their handmade gifts for years to come.

Create Your Own Art – From finger painting to drawing, bringing the family together and letting creativity take over is a great way to bond!  You can each make your own painting and hang them together on a wall, or design hats and exchange them with other members of the family.  The ideas are endless!

Have a Theme Night – Pick a theme and have the whole family join in!  From a fiesta to a luau, you can decorate your home or back yard to fit the theme.  Have everyone dress up and make food that compliments your idea!

These fun and simple ideas are just a few of ways your family can have fun together.  Add your own ideas to this list and remember, what’s most important is that you are together having fun!