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10 Clever Ideas for Indoor Play

As temperatures drop and kids’ playtime moves indoors, there are lots of creative ways to keep kids entertained so they’re not spending all of their free time playing video games or watching television.  Here are 10 clever, inexpensive ideas you can try to beat winter boredom.

Get CraftyCrafts and other do-it-yourself projects allow kids to express their creative side and develop hand-eye coordination.  Plus, kids feel a sense of pride seeing their work completed and put on display!

Create A Story – This is a great idea when you have a group of kids to entertain.  Begin to tell a story, then stop and have one of the kids pick up the story where you leave off.  Continue to have each child add to the story until everyone has participated.  There will be nothing but smiles and laughter when the story begins to unfold!

Play Quiz Show – This is a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.  Split the kids into two teams or have them work with a partner, then grab a pack of flash cards or ask questions related to what they are learning in school.  For every correct answer, share stickers or other assorted prizes.  Kids will have so much fun they’ll forget they are learning as they play!

Build A Fort – Gather all of the pillows and blankets you can find and prepare your indoor hideout.  Use yard-sticks and chairs to hold up sheets, with lots of pillows to make it comfy and cozy.  Don’t forget to bring books, flashlights, toys and snacks.

Play Games – When is come to games, the choices are truly endless.  You can gather everyone around the table for board games, or have an active game of hide and seek.  Play charades, Simon Says or make up your own game.  Try a variety of games to include everyone on the fun.

Read A Book – Reading is such an easy way to develop kids’ imaginations and instill a love for learning.  Allow kids to take turns picking out a book and gather everyone in a circle to keep their attention.  You can read the story to the group or assign a character for each child to read aloud to help everyone feel like they are part of the story.

Bake Some Goodies – When the temperature drops, warm your home and bake some delicious fun.  Use the opportunity to teach kids about kitchen safety, while enjoying making – and sampling – a variety of tasty treats.  Afterward, pack up the goodies and take them to neighbors and friends for a sweet surprise!

Create a Scavenger Hunt – Hide stickers, novelty jewelry and small toys around your house and create a list of clues to help kids find the prizes.  Be creative with the clues and you’re sure to have a group of smiling super detectives.

Dance Contest – Dust off your dancing shoes and turn up the music!  Kids love to dance and what better way to get some exercise and liven up a cold day?  All you need for is an open space and a CD player or radio.  Have fun stopping the music and having everyone freeze wherever they are at!

Create A Family Scrapbook – Break out those piles of pictures lying around the house, gather around the table and organize your memories into scrapbook albums.  Make memories last with unique albums for each of the kids, or create a family album with pictures of holidays, vacations and special occasions you’ve spent together.  Take the opportunity to relive family memories and share your family’s history with the kids.