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Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

Most kids would just love to hop in a box, tie it with a bow and give themselves to Mom for Mother’s Day, but it can get pretty boring sitting inside a box! Instead, kids can use their handprints, creativity, favorite photos and big imaginations to make gifts that mom will cherish well beyond Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Photo Frame

•    Give Mom a “hand” with a special handprint craft kit. Using finger paint, kids can create flowers, animals, and anything else they can imagine with just a few handprints and fingerprints. They can even make something from footprints!

•    Have kids lie on a giant sheet of paper and help them trace their body outline with a pencil. (Hint: Avoid markers. They can stain clothes!) Cut out the shape and have kids use crayons, markers, paint, glitter, self-adhesive jewels and more to make their own self portrait for Mom.

•    Kids can show how much they’ve grown with a school picture album made especially for mom! Start with a pre-made boardbook or make one from cardstock and have kids decorate it any way they like. Next, collect school portraits from the last two or three years and glue them in your album, making a separate page for every year. No school pictures on hand? Snapshots work just as well. Mother's Day Photo Frame

•    Speaking of snapshots, a snapshot collage made from poster board or construction paper also makes a fun and personal gift for mom. Try taking photos from birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and other special events to create a whole year of memories.

•    Need a quick homemade gift? Many photo frame craft kits come in floral and Mother’s Day themes. Make one to frame a picture of favorite photo of you and mom!

Kids grow up fast, so sometimes a gift that captures those special moments in a child’s life--from footprints to photos--can be the best Mother’s Day gift of all.

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