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Easy Craft Glue Guide

Find yourself in a “sticky situation” when choosing what type of glue to use for your craft projects? Read on to discover the different types of glue, what projects they work best for and some handy application tips.

Glue Dots Glue Dots®
Little dots of super-sticky adhesive, Glue Dots work with almost any project and any experience level. They make especially effective adhesives for 3-D crafts and even small pieces of metal. Plus, they’re acid free, so they’re perfect for paper crafts, scrapbooking projects and attaching photos.

Don’t touch the Glue Dot! Remove the clear cover, apply the dot and lift it from the paper backing.

Foam Glue
It’s simple: foam glue is fabulous if you’re working with foam! Use it to adhere foam to foam, wooden craft sticks to foam, pom-poms to foam or almost any small craft item to foam. This glue works best for flat, two-dimensional crafts, so be sure to keep your project level when applying the glue.

Don’t use too much! Foam glue tends to be very thin and sticky, so use the smallest amount possible.

Glue Gun
A favorite with crafters of all types, glue guns work great for adults and older kids. Use them for fabric, foam and almost any project, except extremely thin items (like paper) and slick surfaces (like metal).

Catch those annoying, stray strings of glue before they turn your project into a mess! Apply the glue in a circular motion. When you’re finished, lift the glue gun about an inch off the surface, then very quickly twist the gun in a circular motion.

Glue SticksGlue Sticks
Glue sticks generally work best with paper only or to provide a light, temporary hold for other projects. Mess-free, easy to apply and almost impossible to apply too much, glue sticks are a must-have for the very young crafter working with paper.

Colored glue sticks can help you easily see where you’re applying your glue.

Looking for glue? “Stick” with us! Find all the adhesives you need online.  Or, for more craft fun, read about creative craft ideas you can incorporate into a stay-cation at home!