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100 Days of Ducks Lesson Plan

Courtesy of Tami L. Maldonado-Mancebo
Early Childhood Curriculum Consultant, Omaha Public Schools

This themed unit allows students to develop a variety of academic skills by using 100 days of school as a backdrop.  Individual student goals will vary according to the ability and ages of the children.

Download a printable version of this lesson plan.

Learning Objectives:  Communication skills, spatial concepts, problem solving, grouping, sequencing, identification, fine and gross motor development.

Literacy Center
Duck Tales
Write a shared story about ducks consisting of 100 sentences, with each child adding a sentence at a time.

Happy Ducks
Since ducks are usually happy, have your class create a list of 100 things that have made your school year happy so far. Complete your list. Share it. Be happy!

Math Center
How Many Licks
Have each child guess how many licks it will take to finish a frozen Popsicle©.  Make a graph and label 3 columns: "Less than 100 licks," "Exactly 100 licks" and "More than 100 licks."  Tape each student’s name to the column they estimate, divide the class into partners, and give one student in each pair a Popsicle©. Together, the partners count the number of licks it takes to eat their treats. Then switch roles. Compare each student’s estimated licks to the actual results.

100 Day Count

Help students develop a variety of math skills while they count up to the 100th day of school.  Set out 100 rubber ducks with the numbers 1-100 printed on their chests and a piece of Velcro® on the bottom.  Every day, one student can stick a rubber duck to their pond chart (like a pocket chart, but pond-shaped, with 100 Velcro®  dots spaced to allow the 100 ducks a place to be mounted).  The banner on top could read “A Duck a Day Until the 100th Day,” and the banner underneath could read “Quack, Quack, Hurray, it’s the 100th Day.”

RubberducksDuck Calendar
The classroom calendar can be pond-shaped with each month featuring a different duck theme.  For example, August could be beach-themed ducks, September could be farmer ducks, and October can be Halloween ducks.  Or you can use non-themed rubber ducks with Velcro®  on the bottom and patterning with numbers.

Duck Attendance
Set up a pond-shaped chart with Velcro®  dots and a variety of different character ducks containing student names (consider a name plate space that could allow you to reuse your chart from year to year). There should be a dividing line down the middle – maybe cattails or other marsh grasses drawn in and above one side write, “Who’s here today?” and above the other side write “Who is missing?”  This allows students to move their names into the proper location for a quick way to take attendance and aide in a subtraction lesson plan.

Science Center
Ducky Weather
Use a large paper or plastic duck that can be dressed to display the weather outside.  Go to your local secondhand store and get pieces like winter hats, sweaters, scarves, tank tops and visors.  Incorporate this activity into a lesson plan about the changing seasons.

Geography Center
Traveling ducks
Since most ducks like to fly, look at a map to find locations 100 miles north, south, east and west of your school. Write a class letter to a school in each of those directions and see how they spent their 100th day of school.

Art Center
Duck Art
Give students 100 egg-shaped paper ovals in varying colors.  Have the students create a mosaic using the ovals.  Ask kids to fill in the missing words: "On the first day of school, I couldn't __________, but on the 100th day of school, I can!"

Group Activities
Duck Helpers
Create a pond chart listing class jobs like door helper, attendance helper, line leader, weather helper, teacher helper, and calendar helper.  Then display a duck dressed to signify the duty along with a duck containing the name of the student attached to that duty. As a student performs the assigned duty, he/she takes the duck along to perform the task.  For example, the line leader duck could be attached to the top of a stick that the student can hold up in front of the line for all to see as they follow along.  The student could carry the weather duck as he/she goes to a window or outside to view the weather.

Play Lucky Duck
As each child enters the door on the 100th day, they are given a numbered duck. Then, all through the day a timer goes off every 10 minutes. At that point someone chooses a number from a hat and the person with that number gets a small prize. Every 100th minute, the winner gets two small prizes. All the children enjoy the anticipation and the opportunity to count by tens every time the timer goes off. Be sure to record each time the timer goes off on the blackboard. Also, be sure to go outside during recesses with the timer and the prize box. The game can go on all day or can be stopped after every child has at least one prize.

Caring  Ducks
Since ducks always take time to care for each other, help children send 100 cards to a local nursing home or children’s hospital. Challenge students to perform 100 acts of kindness either at home or at school. 

Now that your students have completed the "100 Days of Ducks" lesson plan, look for more fun lesson plan ideas.