Mix & Match Hunt Activity for Kids

Looking for a unique way to entertain kids? Try a mix and match hunt! This fun idea can be adapted to any party theme. Just use your imagination and let your child’s favorite toys be your guide!


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Hosting A Backyard Sports Tournament

Looking for a fun way to get outdoors, keep the kids active and have fun? Host your own neighborhood sports tournament in your backyard! Take your pick — volleyball, croquet, badminton, soccer, flag football, softball or even synchronized dance can be turned into a just-for-fun competitive league.

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Easy Craft Glue Guide

Find yourself in a “sticky situation” when choosing what type of glue to use for your craft projects? Read on to discover the different types of glue, what projects they work best for and some handy application tips.

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Creative Craft Ideas for Your Stay-cation

You might not have a big vacation planned this summer, but you still want to spend some time with your kids and take a break from everyday life. “Stay-cations,” a fun new trend, are exactly what they sound like --taking a few days to relax, have fun and spend time together, all in the comfort of your home. It might be the thing for you this summer!

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12 Simple Ways to Make Every Day Fun

When you want to make someone’s day special, all it takes is a little imagination. No matter what your budget, you can put a smile on your kids’ faces with just a few small surprises.

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Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

Most kids would just love to hop in a box, tie it with a bow and give themselves to Mom for Mother’s Day, but it can get pretty boring sitting inside a box! Instead, kids can use their handprints, creativity, favorite photos and big imaginations to make gifts that mom will cherish well beyond Mother’s Day.

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10 Ways Craft Kits Can Save You Money

Whether you're planning an activity for a child's birthday party, family night, or for your classroom, crowd-pleasing craft kits offer more fun-for-less!  If you're already enjoying the convenience of Oriental Trading's easy-to-make, prepackaged craft kits for 1-12 kids, these money-saving ideas will show how you can also use craft kits to save on gifts, birthday parties and more. 

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Fun & Easy Paper Craft Projects for Kids

If television isn’t the creative outlet you want your kids plugged in to, all you need is some colorful construction paper, scissors and their imaginations. Paper craft projects are a budget-friendly way to keep kids entertained with creative play. Here are just a few ideas.

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10 Clever Ideas for Indoor Play

As temperatures drop and kids’ playtime moves indoors, there are lots of creative ways to keep kids entertained so they’re not spending all of their free time playing video games or watching television.  Here are 10 clever, inexpensive ideas you can try to beat winter boredom.

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Fun Ways to Spend Time Together as a Family

Families are busier than ever.  From school and sports to work and appointments, getting the family together to spend quality time together can be challenging.  However, as children grow and mature, time spent together as a family is the most valuable investment you can make in kids’ lives.

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