Glow-All-Out with Novelties

By Penny Warner

Here’s a bright idea that will really light up your celebration: Make it a “Glow Party!” You can turn any ordinary event into a dazzling display of luminous color with a few glow in the dark decorations and accessories. Here are suggestions for themes that are perfect for a glow in the dark party:

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Rubber Duck Scavenger Hunt

By Penny Warner

Who doesn’t love a Rubber Duckys? There’s just something appealing about those little yellow critters that make us want to cuddle them and collect them. Here’s a unique party theme idea that will have your guests quackin’ up – a Rubber Ducky Scavenger Hunt!

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Smart Ways to Show Teacher Appreciation

By Penny Warner

What better way to show your appreciation for a favorite, dedicated teacher than a small but memorable homemade gift! Not only is it a great way to say, “Thanks for all you’ve done!” but your teacher will remember you for years to come! Here are some suggestions for handcrafted gifts to present to your special teacher on her birthday, a holiday, or the last day of school!

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Creative Uses For Crafts

Written By Penny Warner.

Turn an ordinary family night into fun night, a birthday party into a blast, or any event into something special with creative craft activities. Here are some suggestions for using crafts at your next gathering or celebration.

Host a Fun Family Night! Choose a craft that the whole family can enjoy, such as making your own family photo frames, decorating foam gliders for an indoor air show or creating your own colorful masks or paper bag puppets and put on a show. "About Me" books also make great projects for a family evening.

Have a Birthday Blast! Set up a variety of craft stations before the party begins, then let the guests take turns making sticker books, using stampers, decorating masks, creating picture frames or putting on a puppet show with homemade puppets. Set up a table with miscellaneous craft items and let the kids make whatever they want!

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Share Some Happiness: Ideas for Random Acts of Fun

Written By Penny Warner.

You don't need an excuse to have a fun-filled day. Just gather the gang, use your imagination, and turn an ordinary day into a happy day! Here are some tips for random acts of fun.

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