Mix & Match Hunt Activity for Kids

Looking for a unique way to entertain kids? Try a mix and match hunt! This fun idea can be adapted to any party theme. Just use your imagination and let your child’s favorite toys be your guide!


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The School Year Rocked! Bulletin Board

It’s been a great year! Show your students how much you enjoyed teaching them with a fun bulletin board to celebrate your rockin’ school year. Read on to discover how we made our display (it’s so easy!) and get a few alternative decorating ideas to help you customize yours.

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Easy Craft Glue Guide

Find yourself in a “sticky situation” when choosing what type of glue to use for your craft projects? Read on to discover the different types of glue, what projects they work best for and some handy application tips.

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Dolphins Lesson Plan

Courtesy of Tami L. Maldonado-Mancebo
Early Childhood Curriculum Consultant, Omaha Public Schools

This themed unit allows students to develop a variety of academic skills as they explore life under the sea. 

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Flowers & Bumble Bees Bulletin Board

Courtesy of Pacon©

Create this colorful bulletin board in your classroom.  Use it to supplement a thematic unit or to reinforce a lesson plan.

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Fall Back-to-School Bulletin Board

Courtesy of Pacon©

Welcome students back-to-school with this clever bulletin board design.  Add students' pictures to the leaves for an extra special touch.

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"Be An Environmental Friend" Bulletin Board

Courtesy of Pacon©

Educate students about the importance of being environmentally friendly with this clever bulletin board design.

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10 Ways Craft Kits Can Save You Money

Whether you're planning an activity for a child's birthday party, family night, or for your classroom, crowd-pleasing craft kits offer more fun-for-less!  If you're already enjoying the convenience of Oriental Trading's easy-to-make, prepackaged craft kits for 1-12 kids, these money-saving ideas will show how you can also use craft kits to save on gifts, birthday parties and more. 

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10 Simple Ways to Thank Teachers

An apple for the teacher? You can do better than that! Whether you’re a student, parent, or an administrator, chances are there’s a teacher (or several) who you’d like to thank. Here are 10 easy ways to put a new spin on the “old school” tradition of letting teachers know they’re appreciated.

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9 Tips for Organizing your Classroom

Classroom organization saves valuable time and maximizes efficiency, so it’s key to set up your classroom space in an organized manner right from the start.  These 9 simple strategies will help you organize your room and keep it that way.

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